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DISH Packages

Which package is right for you?

DISH offers customers the true definition of satellite TV with six packages that all families can enjoy. Take a look at each DISH package and see which one fits for your entertainment needs.

Don't forget that choosing DISH can result in huge savings for you. Cable TV providers can't quite match up to what DISH provides their customers, so call today and start enjoying the best decision you can make for your home entertainment.

Flex Pack

It's a skinny bundle with some of our most popular channels. That's it. No fluff. No nonsense. And if there's something you'd like to see more of, you can add Channel Packs. It's simple. The Flex Pack puts control back into your hands. Call Home Enhancement Systems today to get the skinny on your perfect TV package.

America's Top 120

Looking to get a wealth of entertainment for an incredible price? America's Top 120 from DISH could be the way go. Get more than 190 channels, including your favorite news, family, sports and primetime channels all in one package.

America's Top 120 Plus

This package adds your regional sports networks to the America's Top 120 Package.

America's Top 200

You'll actually get more than 235 channels when you order it. This package includes several popular movie channels such as IFC, AMC and others. Look out for all kinds of sports channels to help you stay on top of your favorite teams.

America's Top 250

Get more than 290+ channels for the entire family to enjoy. Look out for premium movie channels from Encore and others, as well as sports channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sport Network. and so much more. As with other select DISH packages, you'll also get dozens of commercial-free music channels from SiriusXM.

America's "Everything" Pak

The absolute complete experience from DISH is America's "Everything" Pak. With more than 320 channels, including dozens of premium movie channels, a wealth of family channels, and a mix of popular channels, it doesn't get much better than having Everything.

Added benefits of DISH Packages

When you become a DISH customer, you won't just get the amount of channels that you ask for. Each DISH package comes with a select amount of added benefits to give you an even more special experience.